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Share your story with us.

We love hearing from our readers! Feel free to let us know what part of this globe you call home. How did you hear about us? Please share your story with us we would love to hear about it! Thanks again for being here we really appreciate it!

Cheers, Lauri & Val

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  1. The very first comment will be from me, I am Lauri’s husband, Val. We are very excited to launch this site and share our intimate thoughts and feelings with you our beloved readers. Many in our world are afflicted by tragedy, and experience great sorrow. We wanted to have a place where we could commune with others who have been through a grief journey. Some will be on their first day and others will be a little further down this path. We understand!

    Please let us know how we can improve our site.

    Please share your stories with us, we look forward to reading every word and thought you share.

    Thanks again for being here!

    Cheers, Val & Lauri


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